"Give your children the best of both worlds -
Academic Excellence and Spiritual Growth"

DAV Montessori, a non-profit school, was a vision of the Arya Samaj Houston's Management Committee, who felt the need for a school to provide quality Montessori education along with the Vedic values, Indian culture and language to the young children of the growing Indian community. Thus on August 15, 2000 DAV Montessori School became a reality. The school started with only six students and two teachers in one room of the main Arya Samaj building. The rapid growth in enrollment with word of mouth publicity soon created a need for a separate school building. A separate DAV School building, within the Arya Samaj complex, was inaugurated on August 26, 2001 with the help of many supporters. The school serves student from age two and a half years to Third Grade. At present the school has transition class (2.5 to 4yrs.), Preschool classes (3-5yrs) and KG and First grade (5-7yrs.), 2nd & 3rd Grade classes. Each spacious classroom is well equipped with beautiful Montessori materials and educational tools, and a shaded playground. Elementary classrooms follow the traditional system of education.

The extraordinary environment and excellent education standards at D.A.V. Montessori are designed to ensure optimal performance and progress for each student, and also provide substantial reassurance and satisfaction for the parents. The students are taught a regular curriculum of English, reading, writing, math, cultural studies and science as per Montessori principles, and they also learn Hindi reading, writing and verbal, while getting to know and appreciate the history, heritage and culture of India. DAVM students are blessed to get a chance to chant Ved Mantras, Sanskrit verses and devotional and inspirational Bhajans in the school. Yoga lessons are also part of the curriculum. We believe that combining the secular education along with our Vedic values, culture and heritage will help prepare the students to face the challenges of today’s world.